Science has been unfairly hijacked by atheists

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Science has been unfairly hijacked by atheists

It is our belief that the discipline of science has been hijacked by atheists and used to support atheistic beliefs.

It is our belief based on scientific method and empirical evidence; atheism cannot state that there is no God. It can only state "At this present time in human history we cannot prove with existing instruments of measurement and detection that there is or is not a God or a spiritual realm where he is suppose to exist.

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I direct you to Russell's

I direct you to Russell's teapot. Oh, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And the Invisible Pink Unicorn. And Occam's razor.

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"atheistic beliefs"...?.

"atheistic beliefs"...?. Atheists don't believe and few feel that they have to try to prove that a creator does not exist.

Agnostics don't see the relevence for their science one way or the other. They are truely objective.