off-site (zoologic!) question: chimp tools vs. parrot tools

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brian skowron
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off-site (zoologic!) question: chimp tools vs. parrot tools

Many here may have knowledge of the discovery that chimpanzees exhibit tool-using behavior when using sticks to fish out termite snacks from their mound-homes. The Bonobo exhibit at San Diego Zoo has a permanently-stocked concrete termite mound for everyone to demonstrate to the crowds.

After years of ignoring his food when too dry my yellow-naped Amazon parrot has acquired the habit of taking the dry pellet or bread crust and placing it in the water dish to soak, like we dunk our donuts.

Is this not comparable tool-using behavior?

My intuition is that the chimp discovery was significant because it may have been a culturally-transmitted act, i.e. one taught by the preceeding generation.