Starting Salary in USA

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Starting Salary in USA

Can some one tell me whats the starting salary for post doc in USA.....

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I think it's around $40,000

I think it's around $40,000/year.  If the job is in an expensive area (e.g. New York or California), the salary can be little higher.
samita wrote:

Can some one tell me whats the starting salary for post doc in USA.....
Fraser Moss
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these were the 2007/2008

these were the 2007/2008
NIH NRSA Postdocdoral Fellows Stipend Levels


Years of Experience

$ 36,996

$ 38,976

$ 41,796

$ 43,428

$ 45,048

$ 46,992

$ 48,852

7 or more
$ 51,036

we'll see what happens following the stimulus package.

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it is around $3000/month to

it is around $3000/month to $4000/month as stipend in Post doc in USA. my friends are getting.

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At the same time the question

At the same time the question arise what are the living expenses over there in USA...... becaue at the end of the day it will be not what you get but what you save or can spend after your regular expenses........

Ivan Delgado
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The starting salary for a post-doc in the US varies a lot. I've known post-docs that were making less than a graduate student (a little over $20,000). This is typically the case for post-docs that come to the US with visas that limited them to working only with the PI that sponsors them. As frasermoss pointed out salaries for NIH post-doc have gotten better over the last few years, but since NIH stipends are limited to US citizens and residents this only applies to a fraction of post-docs.
It also depends on where you are. Some states have very low salaries for post-docs (for example Texas and other Southern states), while the salaries are higher for East coast states and California. The trick of course is how much it costs to live at these states (for example California and the East coast are more expensive than Texas).

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Thanx Ivan for the valuable

Thanx Ivan for the valuable information as only knowing about the post doc fellowship can be misleading..... these other parameters are equally important.

Mickey Mouse
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Help Help ....please

Help Help ....please

Can some one tell me what's the starting salary for post doc in USA?
My future boss wants to pay me 2200 $ a month. Can you believe that?
I don't know what to say to her.

Ivan Delgado
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Hi Mickey Mouse,

Hi Mickey Mouse,

Actually $2,200 a month for a post-doc is not unheard of so I can believe that. It is up to you to decide if you want to accept the offer, ask for more, or simply look for another post-doc.

Good luck

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Micky mouse

Micky mouse
You should what are the deductions from your salary.
1.Does the salary  include amount for your health insurance?
2. Is the health insurance is covered by institution and not by PI?
3. Is there tax deductions?
Hope this  helps.

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 Hi Mickey Mouse,

 Hi Mickey Mouse,

Net salary will be very low if the gross amount is $2200.  I just started my postdoctoral fellowship in July.  In my offer letter, the salary was $33000/annum.  It means $2750/month.  But the payroll calculates it differently since they are paying biweekly.  So, $33000/26.1=$1264.4.  So, in a month, I should get a gross pay of $2528.7.  Now, the deduction part.  In the current pay stub, I got a net pay of $749.  The medical insurance deduction was $373.76 (probably, they will take once in every three pay stubs.  Mine is a family plan).  If I calculate under this basis,  $1498+$100 (for adjusting the medical insurance deduction)=$1598 approximately/month.  
Let me show my expenses/month.  $550 (rent)+$100 (gas+electricity+internet)+$189 (auto insurance-I am paying twice as before since the state has a lot of auto-thefts)+$100 (gasoline)+$161 vehicle down-payment, $200 (grocery), $100 (mobile), $400 (credit card payment - cost of getting two degrees from USA) =$1600.
These are the basic expenses.  I am not including other expenses such as moving expenditure (no moving allowance) and stuff.  

If you don't have a car, you might be able to reduce a lot of the expenditure.  But, car is necessary if you have a family.   So, I would think that a gross amount of $2200 is misleading.  You might even have to spend from your pocket if you have a family.


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It will depend on your background a spatiality. Simply you may think it will $2000 plus per month.

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Can you please update 2011/2012 salary scale of NIH for a post doc?

You can send to me at dr.hgupta [at]

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I think it's around $30000/

I think it's around $30000/-year.If the job is in New york or California then $37000per year.