Is there anybody interested in Pubmed helper software?

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Is there anybody interested in Pubmed helper software?

Hi, all. As we all know Pubmed is the most important literature source for life sciences. Is there anybody interested in Pubmed helper software?
We developed a tool named RefNavigator, which can download Pubmed references and PDF files in bulk, show SCI impact factor for each record, automatically make bibliographies in MS word, etc.  There are some tutorials and free trials on our website Please give us some feedbacks if you are interested in it. Thanks.

Ivan Delgado
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Hi otcdxn,
As a long time EndNote user on a Mac computer my first feedback for you is that RefNavigator does not seem to be available for the Mac. Is this something that will change in the future? 
I also see that the price of RefNavigator was dropped from $199 to $139, which is fine considering that the full version of EndNote retails for $219. Yet, if you are a student, which many users are, the student version of EndNote is only $114. Plus, if you are a current EndNote user, the upgrade to the latest EndNote program is only $99. While I am not belittling RefNavigator in any way, I would think that in order to convince scientists to choose RefNavigator over EndNote you would need better pricing since the capabilities of both program seem pretty similar (to me). 
My two cents.

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Kindly post the pricing and

Kindly post the pricing and salient features fo RefNavigator over RefMan and EndNote. Better would be if you provide a comparative figure.

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Just for info, the Mac

Just for info, the Mac program 'Papers' ( doesn't have all the features of Endnote but is very good nonetheless.

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RefNavigator is giving /

RefNavigator is giving / providing SCI Impact Factor as extra thing, but I dont think its of any use if we need references while writing a piece of scientific material. The main thing is the science not impact factor.

Arvind Singh Pundir
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i think people have now

i think people have now become more used to the PubMed and its also free so pubmed will always have an edge over the Refnavigator,other thing  as every individual will not be interested to buy Refnavigator for institutions  it will be ok..........

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Thank you for the advices,

Thank you for the advices, Ivan. As to prices, currently we are considering a feedback program. Customers will get a more attractive price if he joins our fedback program. Also we plan to present a student price soon.
As to Mac OS, it's difficult for us to support it since RefNavigator is developed on Microsoft .Net framework :(

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Hi Monu,

Hi Monu,
  Thanks for the comments. Showing SCI IF in only one of RefNavigator features. I agree with you that impact factor does not mean everything. But when we are searching references on a new topic, it's still a good way to quicky identify the most important articles among hundreds of result  records :)