time spent for Non direct research

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Guy Sovak
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time spent for Non direct research

Hi All,
I am interested in knowing how much time we researchers spend searching the web or catalogues for Ab' or other chemicals, materials that are used in our research (in one week)or on anything that is not considered direct research

Tony Rook
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Hi guy -

Hi guy -

That's a great question! I find myself spending some time on the internet looking for products for my research. But the majority of my time on the internet is spent researching methods and locating previous studies with similar goals to my own research. I would say that I am doing this on a daily basis.

Having access to other scientists in similar fields to 'throw ideas off of' or 'pose questions to' is a great asset. I find sites like this one to be extremely helpful in that respect. The ability to have someone answer my clarifying questions which may take me weeks to figure out alone is invaluable to me and my research.

I'm curious to hear how much time everyone else spends on the internet for these ancillary activities.