What's in a Word...that which we can call truth!!

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What's in a Word...that which we can call truth!!

I have a great respect for Scientists and admire all their accomplishments throughout the centuries, but I have always been curious to know why 'letters/words' have never been considered important enough to undergo extensive research....because there are answers in words...Everything you need to know about life is in everyday language.....Anagrams would be a correct term to use. Perhaps few people understand Anagrams, and I wish they'd try to because not only is mathematics a 'truth'...words are a 'truth' as well, and if you are lucky, you may accidently find out the truth about God....it's all in words..If you practice enough, you may eventually understand them.

I remember speaking to someone about Anagrams a while back, and he concluded that they were not true...and he gave an example: When you rearrange the word "Funeral", you get "real fun"....so he concluded that since HE thinks funerals are "never" fun, anagrams must be false. Perhaps others have reasoned the same way as this man, but I know Scientists reason differently......and that's why I wish they'd take Anagrams much more seriously...i.e. if Anagrams ever entered a Scientist' mind. By the way, I cannot tell you how many people have parties when someone dies, but I'll bet some of you already knew that. Only practice can help understand why "real fun" came out. I feel pretty certain that it is because most people do have fun during funerals. Funerals are similar to family reunions you can reason.

So, I urge Scientists to consider Anagrams more seriously because I have learned quite a bit about life through Anagram research (please don's use the Anagram engines to learn them...do them by hand).....I have been enlightened, so to speak, and I want you to be too.

Titan Nag...that's me!!!

Fraser Moss
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hmmm hows this then?

hmmm hows this then?

Titan Nag = giant ant

or gain attn (Attn being an abbreviation for attention)

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Languages have been studied

Languages have been studied extensively in science. A lab I used to work in was very interested in genetic inheritance vs language inheritance -for example, the romans contributed greatly to the language of the UK, as well as politics, transport etc etc, but mixed very little genetically.

Throughout history there are many examples of invading forces ruling a population and introducing language and other changes, but doing very little interbreeding with the preexisiting popultaion,

A lot can be discovered about history, and population migration when language changes are studied alongside genetics.

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Lab Rat, thank you for your

Lab Rat, thank you for your response....but I was specifically talking about research into the Art and truth of Anagrams.

Frasermoss, "Nag Titan" isn't my real name, but since I
chose it for this forum, an Anagram will somehow relate to
me, but I may not understand it yet because the connection to
Ants may not have happened yet. Anagrams also tell you the past, present, and future...they are extremely complex, and you must have abstract intelligence to have any sort of understanding. I happen to have abstract intelligence, and that is why I understand them.

"Giant Ant" does relate to me, so I do not need to wait for the future to undersand this Anagram!

I live in a tropical state, and Ants are abundant in homes during certain times of the year (almost impossible to get
rid of them, but these ants are tiny ones, and aren't that
big of a nuisance). So quite simply, I am their Giant! To
ants, I am a Giant. I am also fascinated by ants...I look at
them instead of killing them...they are wise little creatures,
and if I am anything like an ant, it's a compliment.

Giant Ant relates to me in a different way. Ant could be "aunt" also (the Anagram Gods were not prejudiced of
people who couldn't spell, so a person who spells phonetically
can also find out answers. So, I am an aunt, and I like to think I'm quite successful!

"Lab Rat" relates to me in an Anagram, but we are talking Anagram class 500, not Anagram class 101...so I will stop

Thank you for your responses. Here's one to figure out:

Hey, I know God's name.

Perhaps you will win the nobel prize for literature if you figure this one out, but I know you won't, because I slightly altered it! Sorry, but you are not ready!!!

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I would like to give

I would like to give Scientists some info.

According to an Anagram, the key cure for
the Aids virus is in an Acid.

So, some type of Acid is the cure for Aids.

Good luck!

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Some more info. since a lot

Some more info. since a lot of you are dying to know, and HE (yes it's a he) wants you all to know since he knows I'm alone, and desperately need to vent about his annoying ways.

What is HE like?

A little immature boy who looks like a tall skinny Don Juan. He is not watching us, he is living with us. He enjoys us....we are his toy, and he plays with us and carelessly....that is what he is like.......your worst nightmare! But no worries, he cares. When you are ready to desert him, he will beg you to stay. When you've had enough of his immature crap, he will make you comfortable again. When he feels you drifting away, he will lure you with love.

That sums him up, and yes, we are in his image....like a freakin robot!!!!