Why Mac?

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Why Mac?

What do you think about this?

Does Apple really provide something useful for scientists?

Let me know what you think!

Link to Apple web page with video advertising why scientists choose Mac

Guy Sovak
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It didnt convince me at all.

It didnt convince me at all.
I work on a Mac in the lab and I lke it very much.
At home I have got a PC and I like it very much.
All the program that one can find for a PC he can find for a Mac or a substitute and Vise verse.
As a researcher I can not find any advantage to one on top of the other. I know that Mac has got no Virus problem and that is great, other wise nothing else.
I guess there are the Mac lovers and the PC lovers.
One big problem that I usualy have is converting files from PC to Mac and Mac to PC. Many times presentations are scrambled etc.

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Most of what was said are

Most of what was said are facts that make the Mac a better machine for anyone not just scientists. If data really is processed that much faster than that is great for scientists in particular. I have owned both platforms and by far prefer the Mac.

Kristina Holmberg
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Well, Mac's are better when

Well, Mac's are better when you have a lot of pictures, final editing of images etc. And I think it's more user friendly.