Backache when running! User ideas?

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Backache when running! User ideas?

We are four Business-School students from Copenhagen and would like to find some user ideas contributing to the relief of backache when running. The idea is supposed to be translated into a product/item. The problem definition is as followed:

"When you run, the impact from your feet hitting the ground is transferred via the legs to your hips and spine.Therefore, runners often experience backache when running on solid platforms.Consequently, runners often gain bad running habits or give up training completely. How could we avoid backache problems for runners when running?"

We would be delighted for useful answers. If you have any solution for the posted question please take a minute to answer the attached 5 questions to get an idea about your user-profile.  

1) Do you run regularly?
2) What is your educational background?
3) From which country are you?
4) How much time did you spend for developing the solution?
5) Is your solution based on an existing idea and if, which one is that?


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