Coconut Oil As Biofuel

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Coconut Oil As Biofuel

What are some downsides to using coconut oil as biodiesel?
How do you make coconut oil biodiesel?
What is the equipment involved in making coconut oil bio diesel?
What is the process of transesterification and what does it do to the coconut oil?
What are the modifications you need to make to a car before it can run on biodiesel without ruining it?

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The main problem with coco

The main problem with coco oil biodiesel is that it begins to solidify when temperatures are below 22°C and is completely solid when temperature reaches 14°C. 

There are also potential deforestation issues  - It would take about 2.4 million coconuts and some babassu palm oil to completely fill the tanks of a modern 747 jet liner 

For transesterification see the following links

Making biodiesel

If the car already has an engine suitable for normal petrodiesel, then you don't have to do much if anything to run on Biodiesel. If you want to run on the straight vegetable oil, then there are three typical modifications that are required, for converting your car to biodiesel. These are a straight vegetable oil Fuel Tank, Hose/Seal overhaul for the fuel system, and modification of the heating system. Some People even debate if that is all necessary. Here are some more links about what is necessary conversions to run a car on biodiesel or Vegetable oil.