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Earth and Ocean Sciences

If you were hiking or skiing near the peak of Mt. Baker (an active volcano just southeast of Vancouver) and stopped on some rocks for a lunch break, what statement below best describes the rock you were sitting on? (One answer)

a. The rock is very likely to be igneous

b. All of the answers are true.

c. The rock is likely to be extrusive

d. The rock may be metamorphic

e. The rock's composition could range from mafic to felsic
Does anyone kno the answer to this!

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From what I can tell, the

From what I can tell, the answer has to be (b) all of the answers are true. Volcanic rock is igneous and extrusive. If two ansers are correct, then (b) is the only answer possible.
Hope this helps.

Ivan Delgado
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As far as I can tell volcanic

As far as I can tell volcanic rock is typically igneous (liquid magma that cooled down fast enough to retain that light-looking shape) and metamorphic (like marble and jade, basically rock that was never liquid but was "metamorphosed" to a different kind of rock due to high temperature and pressure). Based on this, and what Omai stated, the correct answer seems to be (b). As a side note: I do not know what mafic or felsic mean, but since (a) and (d) are for sure correct my money would be on (b). That's my final answer.