Extracting plant DNA using the CTAB method

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Extracting plant DNA using the CTAB method

 I'm extracting DNA from a plant using the CTAB method. The plant leaves are very tough and the DNA yields are very low, becaue it's very difficult to get a fine powder from the crushed plant. After the protein purification with CHISM, I'm precipitating the DNA with Isopropanol at -20. Will it be a problem if I incubate this for overnight because my yield is very low when I incubate for 1 hr. What's the best temperature when incubating overnight?
Then I'm doing the RNase treatment and recovering the DNA using the Ethanol precipitation. The 4 degrees centrifuge in my lab is down, so I'm using a normal table top centrifuge at room temperature. Will I lose any DNA when washing with 70% Ethanol at high temperature because of the precence of the 30% water?