Help - drosophila dissection tools????????????

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Help - drosophila dissection tools????????????


For our studies we use the 3rd larval instar of Drosophila Melanogaster. There are a few simple queries I had regarding the general lab supplies we use for this purpose.

Firstly, is concerning the dissection chamber. We have a flexible magnetic strip cut to the same size as a 2 x 3-inch glass slide, and then a hole punched thru the center of the strip with the glass slide stuck to the back. I believe this is a standard dissection chamber everyone uses for doing physiology.

I want to know where people have been buying these magnectic strips from, cause we may need some new ones???

Secondly, for dissecting the larvae, we have these dissection scissors, which are Spring Scissors made by Fine Science Tools. The problem I have is that almost all the scissors we have in the lab have become blunt from use, and I wanted to know if anyone knew a good economical place where I could send them to get sharpened up.

If anyone has any ideas for these two, please let me know.

Thanks for all your help