isosmolar v isotonic

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isosmolar v isotonic

 Hi I have placed this question in 2 forums (A&P and BioChem) but have had no reply and am getting a little anxious as I can't seem to move past this point! I am placing it here in the hope that someone else might be able to help me.

I have read a statement that barium sulphate is isosmolar and as a result would not  draw water into the  bowel lumen (when used as an enema solution). I can not now find my source and the question has arisen whether it should be isotonic. I do not think the latter is right (in this circumstance) and would welcome any input. I beieve it  refers to BaSO4 solution ia isosmolar as the water volume of the made up solution would be the same as the colonic tissue and this has been interpreted as the isotonic aspect of normal osmosis.
Help, please!
thanks, Jackie