Journal of Service Science and Management

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Journal of Service Science and Management

Journal of Service Science and Management
ISSN: 1940-9893 (Print) 1940-9907 (Online).
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Table of Contents(Vol.04 No.02, Jun. 2011):
Factors Impacting Innovation in New Service Offerings
John Maleyeff
Comparative Study on the Impacts of Institutional and Individual Investor on Security Investment Risk
Zunhuan Shen, Dong Cao
Sustainable Services: the Natural Mimicry Approach
Adi Wolfson, Dorith Tavor, Shlomo Mark
Applying Zipf’s Power Law Over Population Density and Growth as Network Deployment Indicator
Vagia Kyriakidou, Christos Michalakelis, Dimitris Varoutas
Information Technology Adoption and Assimilation : Towards a Research Framework for Service Sector SMEs
Sylvestre Uwizeyemungu, Louis Raymond
Turnover Determinants of New Employees in International Hotels
Huang-Wei Su, Li-Tze Lee, Chiang Ku Fan
The Empirical Research of Factors Influencing Share of Wallet in the B2B Market
Aiwu Cheng, Lei Han, Cheng Cao
Integrated Logistics Network for the Supply Chain of Locally Produced Food, Part I: Location and Route Optimization Analyses
Techane Bosona, Girma Gebresenbet, Ingrid Nordmark, David Ljungberg
A Comparative Appraisal of Timings for Program Evaluation Survey and Related Institutional Results in Saudi Arabia: Quality Management in Higher Education
Abdullah Al Rubaish
On the Risks and Costs Methodologies Applied for the Improvement of the Warranty Management
Vicente González Díaz, François Pérès, Adolfo Crespo Márquez
Implementation of Agility Concepts into Oil Industry
Ibrahim Hassan Garbie
Correspondence Analysis in International Sci-Tech Cooperation Patterns and University Resources
Li Li, Zhengning Feng, Xuezhu Gao
Risk Migration In Supply Chain Inventory Financing Service
Zheng Qin, Xiaochao Ding
A Slacks-based Measure of Efficiency of Electric Arc Furnace Activity with Undesirable Outputs
Hao Zhang, Xiang Su, Shilun Ge
An Empirical Analysis of Credit Card Customers’ Overdue Risks for Medium- and Small-Sized Commercial Bank in Taiwan
Chia-Chi Lee, Tyrone T. Lin, Yi-Ting Chen

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JSSM is an OPEN ACCESS journal dedicated to the latest advancement of service science and management .

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