New to PCR - problems!

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New to PCR - problems!

Hey - First things first, Hi all, I'm new to this board :)

I'm usually a full-time student (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) but as part of my degree (the year before my honours) I take a year out in the pharmaceutical industry.

My placement has started me of doing PCR which I'm fairly new to - I've been told my technique is fine but I've run into a problem that no-one seems to know the answer to...

First of all, I usually load a sample of mastermix (N-Amp/Primer/Internal Control/Water mix) onto a gel along with other samples that have been run through PCR, and on the gel it has been showing a band with Internal control... Is this supposed to happen?

Secondly, after I have lysed Biopsy samples, do I store them at -20 degrees or 4 degrees??

I'd really appreciate any help!!!