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PhD topic area

I am at the point where i am deciding what to do in my PhD. I have many differing areas which i am interested in. I love Fungal biotechnology, although i am getting sick of fungi, i love biochemistry, i love stem cells, and i really enjoy microscopy.
What i would love you all to post is:
What are the pros and cons of your field.
For instance;
Fungal cell work is quite difficult because the genetic manipulation is a pain, The cells also have a cell wall which make microscopy one step more complicated, and finally DNA and RNA work with them can be irritating due to phenols which inhibit many reactions with their DNA (which means more purifications, or irritating DNA extraction techniques e.t.c.)

I have also found animal work to be hugely difficult due to the time it takes to grow babies, and the whole ethics approvals, and all of the problems associated with GMO's. In addition they smell bad, and are not even so great when you finally do use them to answer problems for human cell questions.

the question i put forward is:
what are the difficulties with your areas, and what would you warn a student to be aware of before starting on mammalian cell lines, stem cells , cancer cells, viral work, animals, yeasts, bacteria, or whatever it is that you are interested in?