thesis preparation

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thesis preparation

Is there any web link for guidance of thesis preparation?

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There is a booklet available

There is a booklet available online
Master's Research Project Handbook 
This handbook offers guidance for those doing the Thesis. The most current ... the "Thesis Preparation Approval Form," which needs to be submitted ...

Ivan Delgado
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Hi Banu,
When you say thesis are you referring to a PhD thesis? If that is the case, I strongly suggest to you to obtain guidelines from your thesis committee. While you can read guidelines from a number of online references (for example take a look at this link), none of them are as important as guidance from your committee. If you can't get this information from your advisors then at least ask them to direct you to the thesis of an ex-student from their lab, what way you can easily compare that format and implement it into your work.
Another thought, at least from my experience here in the US, is that a PhD thesis is typically a compilation of your publications. Since the articles you've published have already been reviewed by other professors and formatted for publication, there should be little that you need to do other than gather all your material and present it in a reasonable order with connections. Of course if none of your work is published you need to put some extra work. A good rule of thumb too is to approach your thesis as you would the writing of an article for publication.