Immunobiology problem

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Immunobiology problem

I have this immunobiology problem for graduate school. Could anybody help?

Anneka has a big family: Seven brothers and sisters (8 kids in all), not to mention the cat! Assume her parents are both homozygous but differ from each other at IgH. You purified IgM from Anneka's serum. Next you prepared Fc fragments from it, and used them to immunize her dad, her mom, her sister Kendra, and their dog Wicket.

1. Will the Wicket anti-Anneka uFc specificity be the same as any of the human antisera?
2. What proportion of B-cells from each family would be bound by each of the four antisera?
3. Describe a procedure to modify the Wicket anti-Anneka uFc so it would behave the same as the Dad anti-Anneka uFc in the aboe situations.

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Well...i have the same topic.

Well...i have the same topic....with an extra question......