isolation of human macrophages

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isolation of human macrophages

Hi everyone:) can anyone tell me about a good source of human tissue for siolation of macrophages. I have read articles about using bronchial lavage fluids or granulation tissue. Does anyone has protocols to these procedures or any suggestions for a rich source of macrophages?
Thank you

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Hi! unless the patient is

Hi! unless the patient is suffering from an acute airway infection, you'll mostly get alveolar macs in BAL - and those are quite different from say, peritoneal, spleen or BM macs. If you have access to BM, there are some reports that have differentiated cells out of there, though you will have about 15% DC contamination.

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Hey thanks...but can you give

Hey thanks...but can you give me any links to some protocols?

Jason King
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You could just take blood and

You could just take blood and isolate the monocytes (on the basis of plastic adherance) After about 5-7 days in culture with donor serum they will be mostly macrophages.

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You can check this paper:http

You can check this paper:

Isolation and Purification of Human Intestinal Macrophages

The gastrointestinal mucosa contained within the lamina propria is the largest reservoir of macrophages in the human body. The isolation and study of this population of cells is important for understanding host defense and the pathogenesis of inflammation in the gastrointestinal mucosa. This unit describes methods that can be used to isolate and purify intestinal macrophages. Sources of intestinal tissue that can be used for this isolation include human subjects undergoing gastrojejunostomy for obesity, organ-transplantation donors, or the noninflamed margin of resected segments of small intestine from subjects undergoing resection for surgically indicated reasons.

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