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Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

We seek a senior bioinformatician to play a leading role in the delivery of bioinformatics expertise to the NERC environmental 'omics community. As the Lead Bioinformatician of NEBC and the bioinformatics arm of the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility (NBAF) you will lead a range of collaborations with NERC researchers as part of the service provision delivered through these community-focused initiatives. You will have a strong background in bioinformatics research or service delivery and a strong interest in interacting with and consulting for a wide range of projects within the domain of 'environmental 'omics'.

Main Duties
You will join the NEBC/NBAF team, lead the furthering of our bioinformatics collaborations with the community, play an active role on our helpdesk, developing and delivering training and work on the development and dissemination of the Bio-Linux platform.

Responsibilities of this post include:

    * Working closely with NEBC bioinformaticians and NERC researchers to plan and deliver bioinformatics analyses.
    * Ability to contribute to the authoring of publications, grants, public presentation and training materials
    * Lead in strategic development of Bio-Linux and its component packages.
    * Develop, use and release scripts and pipelines for data processing and analysis.
    * Supporting researchers via the NEBC electronic helpdesk, website, phone and video conferences, and attending meetings.
    * Write software documentation.
    * Develop and delivering short courses and presentations.

Skills Required:

    * Strong informatics skills as well as an interest in biological research

    * The ability to lead and co-ordinate team projects, using project management techniques. The ability to liaise effectively with specialists and non-specialists and take a positive approach to change and learning.

    * A proven record of effective communication, both written and oral, with the ability to communicate well with managers, peers, juniors, external collaborators and non-specialists.

    * Strong Linux (or Unix) skills including Debian or Ubuntu.

    * Ability to install, test and troubleshoot bioinformatics and other software

    * Strong computing/system administration skills, fluency in Perl or a related language and comfortable using at least one additional programming language

    * An interest in Linux customisation with the ability to lead the strategic development of Bio-Linux
    * Familiarity with cluster and cloud computing.

    * The ability to explain work clearly to non-specialist audiences and to write comprehensive and comprehensible documentation, including the ability to publish in peer reviewed scientific literature.

    * Good presentation skills with the ability to pass on your knowledge and produce web-based content.

Ideal candidates will have a PhD and several years' bioinformatics experience, ideally in next-generation sequencing, and in particular metagenomics, the analysis of communities from a range of habitats (water, soil, etc). Able to demonstrate a strong research background in evolution, ecology, environmental sciences, mathematics, statistics or some combination of these fields. You'll have strong programming, database development and computing skills, or a level of familiarity with these skills that you can manage staff with these areas of expertise.

You may be required to travel away from home for 1-3 days at a time to meetings and conferences.

Applications are handled by the RCUK Shared Services Centre; to apply please visit our job board at and complete an online application form.  If you have a query you should contact us by telephone on 01793 867003, Please quote reference number IRC 16930.

Closing date: 30 March 2011