Bioinformatician vacancy at Univ of Edinburgh UK

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Bioinformatician vacancy at Univ of Edinburgh UK

Bioinformatician University of Edinburgh

We are seeking a bioinformatician with proven skills in programming, and preferably a working knowledge of next-generation sequencing bioinformatics technologies (Illumina/Solexa, Roche 454, Applied Biosystems SOLiD), to join a dedicated team in the GenePool, the University of Edinburgh’s Next-Generation Genomics Facility. The GenePool Bioinformatician will perform high-quality data analyses, provide bespoke bioinformatics support to the GenePool’s user community, and implement pipelines to streamline data analysis.
A graduate qualification in computing or biological science is expected, along with familiarity with existing genome-scale bioinformatics applications (including digital transcriptomics) and skills in designing and programming solutions to sequence analysis problems.
Fixed Term: 3 years
Salary Scale: £25,001-£28,983
Please Quote Ref: 3013356
Closing Date: 12 October 2010