Bioinformatics Associate Research Scientist

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Bioinformatics Associate Research Scientist

Job Title   Bioinformatics Associate Research Scientist Department   Clinical Application Core Technology Job Number   31591  

Job Description: 
The Bioinformatics Associate Research Scientist in the Clinical Application Core Technology Department provides expert bioinformatics support for pediatric oncogenomics research. Collaborates with Pathology/Oncology investigators to enhance understanding of cancer biology through in-depth computational analysis of genomic datasets obtained from primary cancer samples and experimental models. Applies known methods and/or develops novel computational and statistical methods to help analyze genomic data and associated information, including gene expression, SNP chip, array-CGH, epigenetic, microRNA and high-throughput sequencing data. Assists in building necessary software infrastructure and tools to facilitate analysis. Assists in preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication and participates in independent bioinformatics research. (MJP) 
  Job Qualifications: 
Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or related field required.
Ph.D which must include research related to bioinformatics (such as analysis of sequence data, microarrays, SNPs, image data, proteomics data, or biological pathways; development of algorithms, statistical methods, or scientific software);
Ph.D with no bioinformatics research, then two (2) years of pre-or postdoctoral experience in Computational Biology or Bioinformatics research is required. Experience with programming languages such as Perl, C, or Java required.

Deadline: Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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