Bioinformatics Data Analyst Position in Breast Cancer and Medulloblastoma

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Bioinformatics Data Analyst Position in Breast Cancer and Medulloblastoma

Bioinformatics Data Analyst position in Breast Cancer and Medulloblastoma Genomics at the Institut CURIE
(PARIS, France)

Two 2-year Bioinformatics Data Analyst positions are available in the INSERM U830 headed by Olivier Delattre.

The mission will consist in the biostatistical and bioinformatic analysis of tiling array CGH data, transcriptome data and deep sequencing of breast tumors and medulloblastomas. The candidate will be in charge of identifying structural rearrangements, correlations with transcriptome signatures, and point mutations, related to clinical annotations and various biological or histological subgroups. The expected results of this project concern the identification of specific alterations in developmental/differentiation genes or pathways in breast cancers and medulloblastomas.
Requirements: Highly motivated candidate with a solid background in genetics and genomics, and a special ability to work in collaboration with several teams (Inserm U900 and U830) in a multidisciplinary environment.
- Experience in the analysis of array-CGH and transcriptome data
- Experience in the analysis of high-density microarrays and deep sequencing
- Working knowledge in R, C (Perl) and Linux
The U830 closely collaborate with the U900 INSERM bioinformatics unit (Emmanuel Barillot). They are part of the Institut Curie (, a foundation consisting of a research center and a hospital, both devoted to cancer. The Institut Curie is localized in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, the historical Quartier Latin.
Interested applicants should send a cover letter explaining motivations and relevant work experience, a CV and names, telephone and e-mail addresses of three references to the following e-mail:

Deadline: May 22, 2011