Opening For Bioinformatician (4 positions available) : Chicago

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Opening For Bioinformatician (4 positions available) : Chicago

The Center for Data Intensive Science (CDIS) is a new research center at the University of Chicago led by Robert Grossman with a focus on big data and its applications, with emphasis on applications of big data and data science to biology, medicine and health care.
CDIS develops new software for big data science, new applications, algorithms and modeling methodologies for big data science, and runs a petabyte scale infrastructure supporting big data science. As part of this work, CDIS has help to develop and operate the Open Science Data Cloud (OSDC). The OSDC currently consists of nearly 6 PB of usable storage and 7500 cores and is connected to high performance 10G networks, which are currently being upgraded to 100G links.
The OSDC is utilized by hundreds of researchers around the world working on a wide variety of projects. Current project collaborations include the Bionimbus Protected Data Cloud, a cloud-enabled system hosting datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)P and making these data available to authorized users in the research community. It is one of the first facilities allowing researchers to easily compute large amounts of human genomic data in a secure and compliant fashion without the necessity of downloading and managing it on a local computing facility.
The Bioinformatician will design and implement bioinformatics services for faculty for projects in the Center for Data Intensive Science. The Bioinfomatician will work on developing pipelines for this project, including support for high-throughput genomic technologies. This may include developing and implementing software methodologies and computational tools as needed, keeping abreast of industry trends and new technologies, and recommending potential solutions based on the latest technical developments. The Bioinformatician may also devise or modify procedures to solve complex problems and work at a high technical level in all phases of bioinformatics support activities.
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