Opening For Bioinformatician : Kuwait

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Amar Annamalai
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Opening For Bioinformatician : Kuwait

1 Carries out a wide range of bioinformatics duties in handling/analyzing/interpreting the high-throughput genomics/genetics data, other biomedical data such as proteome and metabolome, and/or Health related epidemiology data.
2 Provides expertise to develop workflows and analysis pipelines for Bioinformatics data and epidemiology data. Participate in building and implementing the Computational Genomics and Genetics Suite.
3 Develop and implement procedures to perform statistical analysis in the domain of Genomics and/or epidemiology data relating to health.
4 Work in collaboration with experimental and epidemiology units wrt to access to data and to provide feedback on data analysis.
5 Develop appropriate exposure and familiarization of relevant aspects (theories, methods, algorithms, protocols, etc) and participate in the research progress.
6 Assist in drafting manuscripts and other documentation.
7 Perform other related duties as assigned
Required Skills and Expertise:
Education & qualifications Master’s degree in Bioinformatics or related subject. 
Experience A minimum of three-five years experience in the domain of Bioinformatics. Experience, in addition, in Health Informatics is an added advantage.
Skills Clear understanding of theory and practices in Bioinformatics, particularly Genomics and Genetics . Experience in Health sciences and Epidemiology is an added advantage. Working knowledge of computational procedures to handle and analyze large-scale data.
Language English