Opening For Bioinformatician - Sutton

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Opening For Bioinformatician - Sutton

 The newly opened Centre for Molecular Pathology in The Royal Marsden NHS FT and The Institute of Cancer Research is a pioneering centre aiming to delivering state- of-the-art cancer diagnostics and translational research. With the increasing demand in genetics and genomics data, the Centre is planning to analyse vast amounts of information to provide personalised molecular medicine and support molecular biomarker discovery and validation in all cancer types.
The main objective of the post holder is to lead the bioinformatics activities in the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory both for diagnostic and Research & Development applications as part of the Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) initiative.
The post holder will design, develop and validate bioinformatics pipelines and tools in order to provide an efficient and high quality molecular diagnostic service for cancer patients. This is mainly focused on next generation sequencing analysis but may also include gene expression profiling and other data-intensive applications. The post- holder will perform data analysis in large cohorts of samples and will provide statistical analysis as appropriate.
Current projects requiring bioinformatic support include the identification of structural rearrangements in haematological and solid tumours, analysis of cell free DNA for tumour biomarkers, analysis of V(D)J rearrangements in B cell disorders
and the identification of acquired variants in patient material that can be used to direct therapy within clinical trials. We have several collaborations within the UK and Europe, including CRUK, Illumina, Roche and the Euroclonality consortium to
develop new and innovative diagnostic procedures using cutting edge technologies.
We also work closely with clinical teams within the Royal Marsden Hospital and The Institute of Cancer Research to provide support for genetic analyses relevant to patient care.
The post holder, together with the current bioinformaticians, will be responsible for updating and maintaining databases and the tools required for the analysis, storage and reporting of genetic data, as well as ensuring that the department complies with legal and professional requirements in regards to storage and transmission of patient’s genetic and sensitive data.
For advice and guidance on Trust’s recruitment process and how to fill in and submit your application form please go to: Here you can also find our policy statement on the recruitment of ex-offenders.
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