Opening For PDF in Metabolomics Bioinformatics or Computational Biology

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Opening For PDF in Metabolomics Bioinformatics or Computational Biology

 Closes: 31st October 2014
Job Ref: 81877
We are looking for a post-doctoral fellow to join the Soranzo group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute located on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus near Cambridge in the UK.
The post-doctoral fellow will lead the computational and bioinformatic analysis of large-scale metabolomic datasets aiming to identify new opportunities for biomarker development in cardiometabolic disease.
The main task of the post-doctoral fellow will be the deployment of existing statistical and novel computational methods to the data. Additional responsibilities include the bioinformatic and manual curation of the data coming from the project and previously released metabolomic datasets, and actively interacting with other members of the Centre and collaborating partners. This will involve arranging meetings and coordinating activities among various colleagues and collaborators.
The Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation is a recently established pioneering public-private initiative between GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), EMBL-EBI (European Bioinformatics Institute) and the WTSI (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute), located on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in Hinxton, near Cambridge, UK ( The CTTV aims to generate evidence on the biological validity of therapeutic targets and provide an initial assessment of the likely effectiveness of pharmacological intervention on these targets, using genome-scale experiments and analysis. The CTTV aims to provide an R&D framework that applies to all aspects of human disease, and to share its data openly with the scientific community. The goal of the CTTV is to harness the power of 'big data' and genome sequencing to improve the success rate for discovering new medicines and share its data openly in the interests of accelerating drug discovery.

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