Postdoctoral Scientist, Bioinformatics Analyst #job

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Matthew Masterson
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Postdoctoral Scientist, Bioinformatics Analyst #job

Working as a part of research consortium with leading academic institutions, you will help design experiments, manage and analyze large microarray, mass spectrometry, and NGS datasets collected as part of a collaborative toxicology initiative.

Key responsibilities include

 Conduct statistical analysis of the transcriptomics, metabolomics, NGS and pathway data.
 Work with Agilent scientists and consortium partners to coordinate interpretation of the analysis results.
 Develop bioinformatics pipelines for analyzing transcriptomics, NGS and metabolomics data, both independently and in conjunction with each other. Assist with implementation in production environment.
 Implement the pipelines in a production environment.
 Apply analytical techniques to identify pathways which are involved in organism?s response to known toxicants
 Collaborate with computational and system biologists to develop novel network analysis algorithms for toxicology
 Present analysis results to members of the consortium via in-person and written communications.

 PhD in computer science, statistics, bioinformatics, computer science or equivalent discipline
 Experience with application of common statistical methods to either microarray, mass spectrometry, or NGS data, including knowledge of common bioinformatics databases and tools
 In-depth knowledge of biological pathway analyses and content source
 Extensive experience with analysis and algorithm development on large data sets; 3+ years hands-on bioinformatics experience
 Knowledge of R/Bioconductor, Python, or Java required
 excellent communication skills
 strong analytical skills
 Toxicology background preferred but not required

Apply online: Scientist, Bioinformatics Analyst