Researcher in Bioinformatics for Metabolomics

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Researcher in Bioinformatics for Metabolomics

Wageningen University - Business Unit Bioscience at Plant Research International (PRI)
Job Reference PSG-BIOINF-0001  
Contact Email Roeland van Ham, tel +31 (0)317 481053 
We are looking for
We are looking for a Researcher Bioinformatics for Metabolomics.
A position for an enthusiastic researcher is available within the Business Unit Bioscience at Plant Research International (PRI) to participate in the development of our in-house metabolomics support platform. This development is central to all projects related to bioinformatics for metabolomics. It is therefore essential that the candidate has the ability to take a proactive and coordinating role in this area. Specific tasks will further include implementation or, where necessary, development of databases and tools for automated metabolite annotation, mass-spectral processing, metabolic pathway visualization, and integration of these tools in a metabolomics workflow management environment. In addition the candidate will support biologists with data analysis in various ongoing projects.
We ask
We ask for a communicative team player with:

  • A recent PhD from a project focusing on chemoinformatics, chemometrics, bioinformatics or on metabolomics involving extensive data management / mining approaches.
  • Advanced programming and database development skills (fluent in Java, SQL, and preferably in C++, Perl, or Python)
  • Knowledge of workflow management and webservice technology. Experience in GUI development and data visualization is a plus
  • Knowledge of mass spectrometry and metabolomics technology is a requirement. Experience in LCMS and/or GCMS-based metabolic profiling and metabolomics data processing is a pre
  • Ability to work both independently and in close collaboration with bioinformaticians, analytical chemists and biologists in an internationally oriented research group
  • The drive, ambition and skills to acquire a leading role in the development of a metabolomics data analysis platform within PRI and to initiate new projects in this field

We offer

We offer a place in an enthusiastic, dynamic and dedicated metabolomics team. Our metabolomics facilities and computational infrastructure are state-of-the-art; You will be situated in one of the world's leading labs in plant metabolomics.
The position is available for one year, with a possible extension of two years, full time.
Maximum gross salary will be € 4438,- (scale 11) per month, depending on qualifications and experience.
Information: dr. Roeland van Ham, +31-317-481053,, Dr. Robert Hall, +31-317-480441,, or Dr. Ric de Vos, +31-610960374,
You can apply for this job before 14 March 2011 at
The organization
Metabolomics is a functional genomics technology that enables comprehensive characterization of the biochemical composition of a biological sample. With the increasing sophistication and throughput of current high-resolution mass spectrometry platforms, metabolomics datasets are becoming ever larger and more complex. Software is needed to enable the data to be processed and managed prior to their statistical analysis and biological interpretation.A dedicated workflow management system needs to be in place with which reusable computational pipelines can be built and exchanged between researchers. Furthermore, metabolite information scattered over distributed databases needs to be organized and integrated in order to accelerate metabolite annotation. We are addressing these needs through development of a metabolomics data support platform via internal and national / international collaborations. We are a part of Wageningen University and Research Centre.
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