Senior Bioinformatician (Ensembl Developer)

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Senior Bioinformatician (Ensembl Developer)

Senior Bioinformatician (Ensembl Developer)
Salary £28500 to £34000 per annum dependent on experience
We are seeking a highly motivated bioinformatics developer to join the Ensembl genebuild team. This position is aimed at improving gene annotation resources on fishes and other aquatic vertebrates. The bioinformatician will work as part of a team and their responsibilities will include:
· Producing automatic gene annotation on chordate species using the Ensembl genome annotation system;
· Maintaining core annotation and transcriptome MySQL databases for the Ensembl releases;
· Extending existing methods and developing new methods to handle new data types;
· Using transcriptome data to generate and improve gene annotation;
· Liaising with other members of the Ensembl team and support for external users;
The genebuild team is responsible for producing, maintaining and improving automatic gene annotation for chordate species. All members of the team take part in the production of each new annotation release, with each person being responsible for taking particular genomes from the raw unannotated assembly to a fully annotated genome ready for display in Ensembl. Members of the team are involved in both internal and external collaborations.
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Essential Skills
You will be a bioinformatician with at least a Master’s level qualification in bioinformatics plus practical experience in the field. You must have good working knowledge of a programming language such as Perl, Python, Java or C. UNIX experience and familiarity with relational databases are essential. You will have working knowledge and understanding of commonly used bioinformatics programs and algorithms, such as BLAST and SAMtools. You should have demonstrable problem solving skills, and good communication skills. Previous experience of batch queuing systems and large scale computing as well as genomic analysis and CVS or a similar version control system are essential.
Ideal Skills
Experience of genome-scale data analysis and object-oriented programming in Perl would be desirable, as would experience scripting using the Ensembl API. Previous teaching experience would be advantageous.
Other information
Interpreting vertebrate genome sequence is one of the most challenging scientific information problems for this century. The Ensembl project ( is the world-wide leader in this task. Ensembl is a joint project between the EBI and the Sanger Institute, funded by the Wellcome Trust. We have one of the world’s largest dedicated compute resources for genomic analysis. We provide automatic annotation on over 60 vertebrate genomes, and this number continues to grow rapidly. The data we produce is used by thousands of scientists worldwide to help in their research.
The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has excellent purpose built facilities on the Genome Campus, Hinxton on the outskirts of Cambridge. We offer a comprehensive range of benefits including a final salary pension scheme.
This position is fixed-term for 3 years.
Deadline: 28th November 2012

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