Senior Bioinformatics Scientists at Lilly

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Senior Bioinformatics Scientists at Lilly

Lilly is a leading, innovation-driven pharmaceutical corporation employing more than 41,500 employees worldwide. Here you will have the unprecedented opportunity to apply your knowledge of life sciences, information technology and bio-informatics to drug discovery.

Minimum Requirements:
-Ph.D. in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology/Biostatistics/Biophysics or a related discipline
-2-3 years post-doctoral experience
-OS: Unix/Linux, Windows
-Programming: 3 yrs experience in perl/python/java/C# or similar languages
-Databases: Use of Oracle/SQL/mySQL

Preferred Experience :
-Post graduate wet bench experience in biology or chemistry
-Industry experience in Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery
-Strong publication record in the field of Bioinformatics
-Experience in handling large data sets such as microarrays, proteomics and imaging data
-Background in a major therapeutic area such as oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular or neuroscience
-Statistics: SAS/R/S-Plus/Matlab/Partek

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