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Matthew Masterson
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Senior #Scientist - #Bioinformatics #job

We are looking for a seasoned senior bioinformatics scientist with expertise in translational research to apply state of the art genomics/genetics analytical approaches to help with understanding of disease heterogeneity and identify novel genetic variants, biological pathways, and predictive markers with the ultimate goal of developing targeted therapies. The candidate must have skills in next-generation sequence analysis and interpretation of data generated by technologies such as Illumina, Roche 454, and/or other platforms. The candidate will be responsible for developing analytical approaches and interpreting complex results for data generated from whole genome, exome, transcriptome, and targeted next-generation sequencing projects. The candidate will also utilize other genomics (SNP, exon, and gene expression microarrays) and proteomics technologies to support various programs in the indications of CNS, infectious disease, oncology, respiratory, inflammation, and autoimmunity.Must have proficiency in the analysis of expression microarray and aCGH or SNP array data. Additional experience in implementing biomarkers in clinical trials is highly desired. The candidate should be capable of working on multiple simultaneous projects.


Minimum 6 years of relevant experience.

A PhD in computational biology, bioinformatics, biological sciences, statistics, or relevant field.
Apply here: Scientist - Bioinformatics