Software Engineer (2 positions) @ EBI - Hinxton, near Cambridge, UK

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Software Engineer (2 positions) @ EBI - Hinxton, near Cambridge, UK

Software Engineer (2 positions) @ EBI - Hinxton, near Cambridge, UK

Job Description

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join the Atlas development team at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) located on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus near Cambridge in the UK

The Software Engineer will participate in the development of new and improved web applications and interfaces to the ArrayExpress Atlas of Gene Expression database.

This will involve development and maintenance of the front and back-end infrastructure with a responsibility for service performance and uptime requirements. The role will involve direct interactions both with end-users and the internal ArrayExpress production team.

The post-holder will also contribute to the development of new pipelines for integration of next generation sequencing data as well as proteomics datasets into the Atlas interface.

The EBI is a world-leading bioinformatics centre providing biological data to the scientific community, with expertise in data storage, analysis and representation. ArrayExpress Atlas of Gene Expression is a value added database servicing queries for gene expression patterns (e.g. genes over-expressed in a particular tissue or disease state) as well as broader exploratory searches for biologically interesting genes/samples.

Qualifications and Experience

Applicants will possess a BSc or equivalent in computer science or a related technical subject (e.g. mathematics).  The successful candidate will have had five or more years of postgraduate experience in web development with a proven track record in this area.

A history of good practice in software engineering, rapid development cycle, user-friendly web interfaces and good code documentation is essential. Formal training in web application design and development and user interface design is desirable.

The ideal candidate will possess the following technical skills-

    Excellent Java programming skills: Servlets, Spring, Hibernate
    Strong experience with server-side programming or strong HTML/JS/JQuery/CSS experience
    Strong RDBMS development experience
    Experience with web-based graphics (HTML5 Canvas, SVG) is a plus
    Familiarity with the Apache Lucene text search engine is a plus
    Experience in developing and optimizing web applications for performance
    Experience in distributed computing and multithreaded programming is a plus, as is experience in working on open-source projects.

The appointee will be a team player but will also have the ability to work independently. We place high value on self-motivation and a drive for quality. (S)he will be able to work within strict deadlines and be interested in working directly with project end-users. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are also required.

Closing Date: 29 January 2012

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