Animal Technician post @ The University of Utah

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Animal Technician post @ The University of Utah

Animal Technician post @ The University of Utah


Assists in setting up quarantined and biocontainment environments or facilities. Performs animal husbandry activities including observing, feeding, watering, sanitizing, handling animals and monitoring care areas consistent with State, Federal and University regulations.

Maintains and records animal care and animal room information. Communicates animal conditions to appropriate staff. Trains entry level staff. Administrates medication to animals and collects biological samples to calculate doses and perform diagnostic techniques under the direction of the veterinarian. Performs routine animal physical examinations.

Prepares animal for surgery including performing local and general anesthesia for routine care procedures. Provides post-operative care. Performs animal identification techniques such as tattoo, ear punch, avid chip and tags. Records food, medication, supply and equipment distribution and ensures inventory is rotated. Recommends purchases to immediate supervisor.

Performs animal euthanasia as directed. May be responsible for specialized areas of laboratory animal care including maintenance and care of transgenic colonies, necropsy and special diagnostic procedures. May coordinate the acquisition, processing, transportation and final disposition of research animals.

May assist Principal Investigators in their specific research needs.

Minimum Qualifications     

Three years of laboratory animal experience and Laboratory Animal (LAT) certification from the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) within three months of hire required. Demonstrated human relations and effective communication skills also required.

Bachelor’s degree in Science with LAT certification preferred. Specialized training in necropsy, genetic colonies and diagnostic procedures; and the ability to move up to 50 pounds may be required in some areas.

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