Associate Medical Director, Clinical Development - RIA - Gaithersburg, MD

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Matthew Masterson
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Associate Medical Director, Clinical Development - RIA - Gaithersburg, MD

 Associate Medical Director - RIA 
Establish and approve scientific methods for design and implementation of clinical protocols, data collection systems, and final reports. 
Analyze and synthesize clinical data for publication, US and international regulatory filings. 
Supervise project team members in planning, conducting and evaluating clinical trials. 
Serve as medical monitor with significant responsibility for safety surveillance. 
Key role in designing clinical development plans for assigned project. 
Collaborate with R&D and other senior management in assessing requirements for emerging products, including next generation candidates. 
Collaborate with Marketing and Sales to design research to have maximum marketplace credibility and enhance marketing efforts. 
Identify, select and train clinical research centers and investigators. 
Communicate internally and externally (oral and written communication) on clinical trial design and results. 
Oversees planning and management of investigator meetings, advisory boards and other scientific committees as required by the protocol (e.g. independent reviews, DSMB's, etc.).

The preferred candidate will have a strong background in academic research (clinical or basic research), a solid understanding of translational medicine, and experience in designing and/or conducting clinical trials. Clinical and/or research experience in rheumatology, immunology, or related disciplines is desirable. 

M.D. degree or equivalent, board certified (or eligible) preferred in rheumatology or immunology. 
Must be an excellent communicator with proven leadership skills and the ability to interact in a cross functional environment.
- Apply online at:,%20Clinical%20Development%20-%20RIA