clinical project coordinator - Palmetto Health Care

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clinical project coordinator - Palmetto Health Care

Clinical Project Coordinator

Center for Nursing Excellence

Full-time FTE 0.9 -1.0



Minimum Salary:

Job Details:
All employees are expected to be knowledgeable and compliant with Palmetto Health’s values of compassion, dignity, excellence, integrity and teamwork. In addition, this job also oversees and coordinates the implementation of major quality initiatives designed to improve the delivery of care and protect patients from harm: assists nursing staff in modifying clinical practice utilizing evidence based medicine; works with managers to correlate/analyze data: trends data reports for evaluating outcomes of interventions and participates in developing additional plans of care. Requirements: Education: BSN required; Experience: 5 years clinical nursing experience; Number and Type of Employees Supervised: TBD; Licensure, Registry or Certification Required: Current professional nursing licensure to practice in the state of South Carolina; Special Training: BLS, ACLS, Certification required. Instructor certification encouraged.