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Amar Annamalai
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Clinical Research Associate_Bulgaria

This is a unique opportunity to join bespoke and truly universal Clinical Research Organisation and work as a Clinical Research Associate.

With a dynamic growth and further expansion plans it gives me a great pleasure to assist my client with their search for a talented individual to work in a fully decentralised role in Bulgaria.

There is no specific therapeutic area that would be expected of you. With number of on-going and new projects in the pipeline your current experience will be utilised in the most effective way. You will be offered an opportunity to take you career to a completely new level and as the company grows you will grow as well. As an experienced Clinical Research Associate, with 2-3 years of experience, you will be able to work independently and mainly accountable for performing routine site visits, including pre-study, initiation, interim, and closeout visits.

If you are passionate about clinical research and motivated to take on a new challenge please contact me immediately. If for some reason you are currently not open for a new opportunity simply share my contact details with your friend, colleague or ex-colleague - one of them might appreciate my assistance.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as conveniently possible.

Kind regards,
Mariusz Stokowacki

Deadline: Thursday, 22 August 2013

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