Clinical Research Fellow

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Clinical Research Fellow

Job Purpose

We are looking to appoint Clinical Research Fellows within our laboratory-based research groups in the Institute of Cancer Sciences and/or the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research. The training fellowships are designed to provide a state-of-the-art research experience for future academic clinicians. The posts are intended for individuals who wish to pursue a career in academic oncology.

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These University of Glasgow appointments are laboratory-based in the Institute of Cancer Sciences and/or the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research. These training fellowships are designed to provide state-of the art research experience for a future academic clinician. The key themes of research include cell cycle control, control of cell growth and death, control of invasion and metastasis, cellular senescence, cancer stem cells especially in haematological malignancies, and radiation biology. Details of the research projects are available from the recruiting group leader. It is envisaged that, during the tenure of the fellowships, the successful candidates will be encouraged to secure a research fellowship from a national funding body, as part of their training.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Clinical Duties

There are no fixed, planned clinical duties to be undertaken as part of these posts. Any clinical duties (e.g. on-call duties) will be undertaken under an Honorary Contract with the NHS (Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board) and by arrangement with the Medical Director of the relevant speciality Directorate. The management of any clinical activity will be the full responsibility of the NHS organisation.

Research and Teaching

Research will be undertaken within the Institute for Cancer Studies, University of Glasgow and/or The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research.

The main area of research will be as follows:
Leading aspects of assigned research to contribute to knowledge in the field/discipline in support of the Research Group and Institute.
Plan, design and implement projects and/or experiments, in conjunction with collaborators as appropriate.
Participate in the Institute’s education and research activities including seminars.
Undertake data collection and analysis.
Document research results, select journals for publication, and take the lead on writing papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals.
Facilitate and maintain communication within research teams, including representing projects at collaborators’ meetings.
Contribute to the safe and efficient functioning of research facilities.
Collaborate with colleagues and participate in team meetings/discussions and Institute research group activities.
Present work at internal group seminars and external seminars and/or national and international conferences to enhance the profile of the research group.
Establish and maintain an expert reputation and track record of publications in field/discipline
Contribute to identifying potential funding sources and making applications to support future research.
Keeping up-to-date with recent literature and advances in the field/discipline.
Contribute to the development of new ideas or approaches and develop new lines of investigation or activity supportive of the Group and Institute research strategy.
Contribute to teaching and/or administration as assigned by the Supervisors.

Deadline:4 March 2012

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