Clinical Research jobs in the U.S. with PRA International

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Clinical Research jobs in the U.S. with PRA International

PRA is a global Clinical Research Organization providing services through all phases of clinical development. We specialize in oncology, CNS, respiratory/allergy, cardiovascular and infectious diseases. PRA has supported over 2,100 clinical trials in more than 80 countries on 6 continents through our global offices. PRA's therapeutic expertise, global reach, and project experience with local knowledge enable our project teams to deliver consistent and on time performance for our clients.

The PRA Experience

It's PERSONAL and... It's Business - Successful careers are found at companies that provide the support employees need at work, as well as the benefits they require outside the office. It has been our philosophy that the way to grow our business is to focus on our employees. PRA has become one of the foremost clinical research organizations in the world because of this philosophy. We provide a culture in which our employees can enjoy personal satisfaction and professional achievement and have the ability to strategically map out long-term career plans. Embrace THE PERSONAL ELEMENT at PRA where we create a rewarding environment for you, the employee.

Benefits and Compensation:

PRA offers its employees competitive wages, a progressive rewards program, robust education and training options to help employees manage their personal and professional lives. PRA's global benefits and compensation program includes:

Comprehensive Medical Benefits:

Life Insurance
Retirement Programs
Paid Time Off/Holidays
Tuition Advance Payment Program
Service Award Program
Scholarship Program for Employee Dependents
And much, much more…

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At PRA, borders do not create boundaries. PRA's success is dependent on our ability to attract and retain a talented team of diverse professionals. Our growing workforce is comprised of over 3,000 employees, more than 13 time zones across six continents and who speak more than 15 languages—yet operate in unison as one worldwide PRA community.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion enables us to hire the brightest minds to help us and our clients change the face of medicine.

Career Growth

PRA understands that the essence of our success centers on the ongoing development of our employees. PRA provides a professional environment that attracts, develops, and retains outstanding employees who are committed to their career growth. Employees in turn view PRA as a place to stay and develop their skills and knowledge.

PRA supports and acknowledges your future career goals. Through various avenues, PRA provides opportunities that allow you to advance your career and take it as far as you want it to go.

Training and Support

The PRA Institute serves PRA's training and human performance improvement needs, enabling employees worldwide to work collaboratively towards our mission of being a trusted partner with our clients. The PRA Institute uses state-of-the-art delivery media including computer- and web-based training and video/webconference to reach a global employee audience and to augment traditional classroom events. The PRA Institute's performance-based training courses are designed to build employee skills by providing hands-on practice in a "real world" setting using case studies, "a day in the life of" scenarios, and learner skill checks. In addition, the PRA Institute also boasts training programs to enhance the skills of our experienced CRA's, Lead CRA's, and Project Managers.

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