Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship (Arizona)

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Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship (Arizona)

Program Description
The Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship Program at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale is designed to offer one to two years of subspecialty training in multiple sclerosis (MS) and related demyelinating disorders.
As a trainee in this program, you will learn the methods of diagnosis, prescribing disease-modifying therapies, prescribing symptomatic therapies and other management strategies for patients with MS and related demyelinating disorders.
This program emphasizes:

  • Development of clinical diagnostic and research skills in multiple sclerosis.
  • Neuromyelitis optica and other related demyelinating disorders
  • Other immune-mediated disorders such as paraneoplastic disorders, CNS vasculitis
  • Training in clinical research design and methodology
  • Training in evidence-based medicine and critical appraisal of the medical literature

Mayo Clinic provides opportunities for course work in the design of clinical research studies, statistics, clinical epidemiology and clinical trials design and conduct.
You also will have the opportunity to participate in clinical research studies of new drug therapies for MS and will be encouraged to develop your own independent research projects.

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