Opening For Clinical Sciences Freelance Research - Fukuoka, Japan

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Opening For Clinical Sciences Freelance Research - Fukuoka, Japan

 Edanz Group is currently hiring Freelance Research Consultants with expertise in Clinical Sciences
Company outline
Edanz Group provides language and publishing support to the international academic community. Based in Japan and China, we employ an author-centric approach to assisting mainly non-native-English-speaking authors all over the world in overcoming barriers to publication in international journals.
Job description
Edanz Group are currently hiring Freelance Research Consultants in Clinical Sciences with specific expertise in any of the following subjects:
clinical pharmacology
Our research consultants provide guidance to our authors as they navigate the publication process. Key roles include critically reviewing the content, significance and novelty of papers, providing guidance on journal selection, and identifying and recommending academic reviewers.
Find out more about this position here:
Desired skills and experience
What makes an Edanz Research Consultant?
active researcher or medical doctor
PhD in specialist field
publication experience
As an Edanz research consultant you can expect work that is:
enhances professional development
As we employ highly qualified researchers and medical doctors that are experts in their field the fees we pay our research consultants are competitive in the industry.
Interested? Make it happen
If you are interested in joining our team of freelance research consultant you can apply directly on our recruitment homepage:
If you have any questions about the work that Edanz does please email us at