Opening For Laboratory Assistant - University of Warwick

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Amar Annamalai
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Opening For Laboratory Assistant - University of Warwick

Job Ref:     1453119

Fixed Term Contract until 31 July 2015
Part-time 60% FTE

You will join the laboratory of Dr Karuna Sampath, Associate Professor, in the Division of Biomedical Cell Biology at Warwick Medical School and make a positive contribution to the team, which aims to understand maternal control of early developmental processes in vertebrate embryos using the zebrafish. The laboratory focuses on localization and functions of maternal RNAs in the context of early development using RNA-protein biochemistry, genetics, live imaging, genomic and embryological methodologies in zebrafish.

You will have good organizational and communication skills, and the ability to work well within a team. You will prepare media and solutions and assist with basic molecular biology protocols under supervision such as preparing samples for PCR, DNA extraction, cloning, and maintaining and operating basic laboratory equipment.

You will have knowledge in the principles of basic molecular biology. Attention to detail, organization and timeliness is required for all tasks. Experience in routine molecular biology tasks, such as PCR and cloning, is preferred.

Please include a full CV and a covering letter with your application form.

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