Opening For LPN / LVN (Pediatrics) : Roanoke

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Amar Annamalai
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Opening For LPN / LVN (Pediatrics) : Roanoke

• Assist with direct patient care procedures and related tasks (patient histories, vital signs, nursing assessments, medical examinations, etc.)
• Perform in-house lab tests including finger-stick blood glucose, hemoglobin, A1C testing, urine testing and throat swab rapid strep testing
• Respond in person, by phone or by letter to patient questions, inquiries or concerns
• Educate patients regarding their medical conditions/diagnoses and direct patients into appropriate educational programs within or outside the agency
• Review providers’ schedules in advance for Hospital and ER follow ups
• Performs venipuncture and assists with other specimen collection
• Refill medications according to policy
• Properly store and handle equipment, supplies and medications
• Function as a team member to assure quality health care for all patients and support the mission of the organization
• Practice the highest level of patient confidentiality and promote a positive and professional attitude and appearance
• Additional duties as assigned.
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