Opening For Research Assistant - MRC Clinical Sciences Centre

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Amar Annamalai
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Opening For Research Assistant - MRC Clinical Sciences Centre

Evolution of Gene Regulation Group
We are seeking an advanced Research Assistant to join the newly established Evolution of Gene Regulation Group, headed by Dr Vahan Indjeian, within the Epigenetics Section of the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre (CSC). The CSC is a leading MRC research institute at Imperial College London, based on the Hammersmith Hospital campus. For more information, please visit
The Evolution of Gene Regulation Group uses a combination of vertebrate comparative genomics and three-spine stickleback and mouse models to uncover the genetic basis of vertebrate traits. You will provide technical support for starting up the lab, setting up the stickleback facility, on-going research projects within the group, as well as act as a general lab manager. Responsibilities will include collecting sticklebacks from local and international sites, setting up and maintaining stickleback and murine colonies, scoring traits, genotyping, and building and characterizing enhancer constructs. Previous experience of molecular biology and embryology are essential, and of working with mouse or fish models is preferred.
The successful candidate should have excellent communication, organisational and research skills, a strong work ethic and attention to detail, meticulous record keeping, and a positive attitude to learning and trouble-shooting new methods. Please refer to the Job Description and Person Specification online for further information about the position.
Applications are handled by the UK Shared Business Services; to apply please visit our job board at and complete an online application form, including a CV, cover letter and the details of 3 referees. Please quote reference number IRC147074.