Opening For Risk communication in general dental practice - London

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Opening For Risk communication in general dental practice - London

 The topic
Risk communication as a tool to change health behaviour has been used successfully in medical settings and has started to be explored within dentistry too. Although there is a lack of a convincing evidence base to support how best to communicate risk of oral disease, risk rating of dental diseases is becoming widely adopted in clinical dental settings both in the UK and internationally. As a result, there is a gap in knowledge in how oral disease risk ratings can be best communicated to patients to support oral health behaviour change.
The project
The project seeks to examine how best to communicate risk of poor oral health as a means of supporting patient behaviour change in primary dental care. We aim to provide evidence that basing communication on psychological principles will increase the effectiveness of risk communication. The project will use quantitative research methods and will seek to test the best ways of communicating risk to primary dental care patients, using the best available evidence and current NHS guidelines as well as to develop a toolkit for dental professionals aiming to support their communication of risk in a way that will underpin patient behaviour change in the dental surgery.
Supervisory team
The project will be based at King’s College London Dental Institute and will be supervised by a team of health psychologists and dental practitioners.
The studentship is funded by the Vivienne Wohl Fund and consists of MPhil/PhD fees (EU/Home rate) in addition to a stipend of £15,863 per year, for four years.
Entry requirements
Psychology, Medical, Dentistry or Nursing graduates with a good first degree (at least 2.1) and a relevant postgraduate qualification (e.g. MSc in Health Psychology) at Merit or above are essential. Experience with either risk communication or dentistry research would be advantageous.
Application details
Applications by way of a 2-page CV and an 1-page letter expressing interest are invited from Psychology, Medical, Dentistry or Nursing graduates.
Deadline for receipts of expression of interest 28th November with interviews expected on 12th December.
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