PhD Studentship:Licentiate with Interest for Resource Recovery

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PhD Studentship:Licentiate with Interest for Resource Recovery

PhD Studentship:Licentiate with Interest for Resource Recovery and Recycling Process, Sweden

The candidate should hold a MSc in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. -The project is financed by Formas for three years, which means funding until a licentiate exam is ascertained.

-We welcome applicants who have a degree in chemistry (preferably analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry but also related fields) or in chemical engineering.

-You are expected to work independently, to develop your own ideas, and to be skilled in communicating your scientific results, both orally and written in English.
Scholarship Description: The aim of this project is to develop economically and environmentally feasible processes for removal and recovery of valuable and/or toxic metals from municipal solid waste incineration ash and slag. The processes studied in the group today are primarily based on acid leaching of the ash combined with selective extraction or electrolysis to recover valuable metals.

However, other methods, such as dissolution in supercritical carbondioxide, may be investigated as well. The objectives of metal recovery from ash and slag are, firstly, to remove metal species from the waste streams that must be land filled and, secondly, to make it possible to reinsert these metals in the industrial production cycles and, if possible, to utilise the cleaned solid residue.

How to Apply: Online

Scholarship Application Deadline: 2011-09-01

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