Staff Scientist, Biology@ Life Technologies-Grand Island - United States

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Staff Scientist, Biology@ Life Technologies-Grand Island - United States

Staff Scientist, Biology@ Life Technologies-Grand Island - United States

Position Objective:
Responsible for initiating, directing and executing scientific research and/or development strategies through the research staff or individual studies relevant to bioprocessing workflows for recombinant protein production.

Develop new serum-free, protein-free and chemically defined cell culture media for animal cells used in the production of recombinant proteins. Act as the technical lead on new product development teams and may be the technical expert on multiple projects. Provide strategic direction for company programs.

Essential Functions:

Develop new products and technologies through the New Product Introduction process and guide process improvements. Independently initiate, direct and execute scientific research and/or development strategies. Independently plan and design experimental methods to achieve technical objectives. Anticipate potential problems and design preventative solutions. Determine strategic approach to experimental design.

Critically analyze complex data, interpret and integrate experiment results with project and Division objectives. Determine project directives based on data analysis.

Maintain accurate lab notebook and training file in accordance with relevant Invitrogen required standards to support patent application and defense as well as other international standards (e.g., ISO compliance, GLP/GMP requirements, etc.).

Provide strategic direction and guidance to Scientists and Research Associates in their daily experiments and troubleshooting. Guide team in matrix environment. May lead teams for R&D feasibility or product development studies.

Investigate, create and develop new methods and technologies for project advancement.

Act as the technical lead for a development project and interface with other departments (i.e., Marketing, Business Development, Operations, Quality and/or Technical Services) to coordinate product development and improvement.

Make contributions to scientific literature and conferences. Prepare technical reports, product summaries, protocols, and quantitative analyses.

Perform fundamental literature and patent searches related new product and technology opportunities. Develop alternative strategies as necessary.

Recognize opportunities for in-licensing and internal patent development. Prepare patent disclosures and support the legal department in patent preparation. Conduct technology mapping and recommend promising areas for future study.

Maintain high level of professional expertise through familiarity with current scientific literature, competing technologies and/or products and attendance of scientific seminars and meetings. Communicate the significance of recent scientific developments to peer group. Effectively use peer network to expand technical capability.

Comply with all company safety regulations and procedures.

May be required to perform other related duties as required and/or assigned.

Nature and Scope:

Position exercises judgment within broadly defined practices and policies in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions. Directs and controls the activities of multiple projects and personnel. Performs duties independently with only general direction given on new projects.

Job encounters diverse work situations involving a high degree of complexity. Works on complex problems of diverse scope where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of various factors. Accuracy is required in performing all functions of this position. Erroneous decisions will have a serious impact on the overall success of functional, division, or company operations.

Measures of Contribution/Impact:

Contribution is measured through, but not limited to, new product development, successful patent applications, peer reviewed publications of Invitrogen scientific product work and presentations (e.g., talks and posters) at national meetings.

Technical Excellence:
Maintains substantial knowledge of principles and theories. Developing as an authority with national recognition of complex assignments/projects. Exhibits creativity, foresight and mature judgment in conducting research programs/projects.

Ph.D. degree in Biology, Chemical Engineering or other related discipline, or the equivalent knowledge and experience.

Experience typically gained through obtaining Ph.D. + 3-4 years post degree lab experience, MS + 8 years experience or BS + 10-12 years experience, in a commercial setting.

Key skills/abilities include:

Small and mid-scale cultivation of mammalian and insect cells in a variety of culture vessels and processes, including batch, fed-batch, and/or perfusion for the production of recombinant proteins. Experience in suspension culture, upstream cell culture manipulations (e.g. recombinant gene transfection, selection, cloning) and downstream processes (product detection, recovery, characterization) is desirable. Process development/optimization expertise including serum-free media development is highly desirable.

Excellent time management skills and ability to work on multiple projects.

Excellent organizational skills, including the ability to efficiently evaluate, prioritize and handle multiple and changing projects and priorities.

Excellent verbal and written (technical writing) communication skills and the ability to interpret and summarize scientific results in a clear, concise and accurate manner.

Ability to communicate effectively with people of varied cultural and educational backgrounds is important.

Proven ability to solve problems.

Proven ability to lead cross site collaborations and collaborations with outside parties.

Demonstrated proficiency in statistical experimental design.

Demonstrated proficiency in data analysis, research design and the evaluation of new techniques and procedures.

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