Technical Associate : Plymouth, Devon, UK

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Technical Associate : Plymouth, Devon, UK


Reporting to the Shift Leader and working as part of the Production Team, the Technical Associate will be responsible for all technical and processing activities associated with the manufacture of PAS components.

Job Specification:

A successful candidate must be have the ability to: -

• demonstrate a willing and positive approach to supporting operational needs.

• demonstrate fault finding, problem resolution and prevention of re-occurrence skills.

• demonstrate an understanding of continuous improvement and ownership.

It is essential that the Technical Associate: -

1. Has a technical appreciation of machinery and of its build and functionality.

2. Ensures that statutory legislation and quality system requirements are adhered to with regard to all processes and any CI activities.

3. Ensures all manufacturing equipment is set up and produces product according to established standards and validated settings.

4. Continually monitors in-process quality, addressing issues as needed to prevent product holds. Performs all required QC checks.

5. Is responsible for maintaining equipment process logs for each piece of equipment including providing production and downtime records. Ensuring that all equipment process changes reflect the requirements for machine optimisation.

6. Ensures all equipment is maintained as assigned, and in accordance with requirements detailed on the appropriate schedule/plan or work instruction. Ensuring the minimisation of downtime within planned costs for repair and spares.

7. To maximise equipment effectiveness through ‘Technical Excellence’. To support team-based activities aimed at achieving goals of minimising downtime, reducing waste and increasing Right First Time metrics.

8. Escalates unresolved issues in a timely manner to the Engineering Technician and OTL, works in an assisting capacity in order to develop problem solving abilities.

9. To maintain appropriate control of product and materials using the relevant electronic systems. Ensures accurate and timely entry of data on to SAP.

10. Is proficient in the selection and use of tools, can read and understand drawings

11. Is flexible and proactive in resolving issues to support needs.

12 .Is actively involved and contributes to regular team meetings and participates in project teams as required. Maintains good communication and effective information transfer between the shifts. Work efficiently and co-operates with the Team Leader, Engineering Technician and fellow associates at all times to meet required production targets.

13. Is a flexible team member to work on line where most value can be added in agreement with the Shift Leader.

14. To identify and promote continuous improvement activities.

15. Carry out any other duties as deemed appropriate by the Team Leader.

To apply for this position, candidates must be eligible to live and work in the UK