Testing Operation Manager - Assistant @ Monsanto company

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Testing Operation Manager - Assistant @ Monsanto company

Testing Operation Manager - Assistant @ Monsanto company

Job Description

· Manage different operations, seeding, management of plants, data collection, harvest, etc.

· Assist in computer related activities and provide support for testing activities such as operation of shelling systems, seed counters, and seed packaging

· Perform safety inspections, and assist in providing safety training and guidance to field personnel.

· Supervision and training of temporary employees

· Work closely with other research sites to keep program operating efficiently

· Participate with team to successfully maintain the Quality Standards

· Assist in other projects and perform other duties as and when required
Overnight travel during the planting and harvest season.

Job Requirements

· BS or MS degree in Agriculture engineer, Agronomy or related fields
· Ability to work extended hours during the peak planting and harvest seasons
· Knowledge of crop production, farming practices, and farm equipment operation and repair
· Experience in utilizing planter and combine
· Ability to work effectively with interdisciplinary teams
· Demonstrated ability to balance and prioritize tasks
· Basic understanding of farm equipment maintenance.
· Driving license
· Desired Skills/Experience:
· Familiarity with breeding methodologies is desired
· Broad knowledge of crop production and farming practices as well as farm equipment operation and repair.
Ability to communicate effectively in English is a big plus.

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