Jane N. Ryland Fellowship Program, USA

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Jane N. Ryland Fellowship Program, USA

Fellowships of Jane N. Ryland Program for for higher education information technology professionals,USA

Job Description: This EDUCAUSE grant program was established to expand opportunities for information technology professionals to attend EDUCAUSE events, thus helping to build future leaders. Fellowships recognize a combination of past achievement, personal and institutional commitment, potential benefit, and financial need.

Awards are made on an annual basis, and preference is given to underserved individuals at financially challenged institutions. Allotted amounts will substantially or fully meet the costs of attending one EDUCAUSE educational event that aligns with the professional needs of the applicant and the strategic directions of his or her institution. Fellows select the event of their choice from among the eligible EDUCAUSE offerings. Grant monies are applied first to registration fees, then to transportation and housing costs.
The program bears the name of Jane N. Ryland who, as president of CAUSE from 1986 to 1998, recognized the importance of educational programs to support and develop information technology professionals throughout higher education.
What educational opportunities does EDUCAUSE offer?

As a preeminent association for higher education information technology professionals, EDUCAUSE offers one of the most comprehensive, respected programs of face-to-face learning opportunities going. Nearly 10,000 college and university technology managers and practitioners meet every year at more than two dozen EDUCAUSE-sponsored events to develop the skills, knowledge, and relationships to help their institutions seize today’s opportunities and minimize tomorrow’s risk.
How are Fellows selected?

Recipients of Ryland Fellowships are selected annually on a competitive basis. Applicants may serve their institutions in any information technology management area: central IT organizations, academic units, or administrative departments. Applications are reviewed by a selection committee using the following criteria:
* Applicant’s commitment to higher education and information technology
* Institutional commitment to information technologies, to employee professional development, and to the applicant
* Potential benefit to the applicant and his or her institution
* Institutional economic need


Institutions need not be EDUCAUSE members. While more than one candidate from the same institution may be considered in a single award year, priority will be placed on distributing fellowship opportunities broadly. The selection committee will consider applications from outside the United States, but grant resources and event programming limit our ability to support international needs.
Application Deadline September 20, 2010.

For further fellowship Information  http://www.educause.edu/awards/fellow?page_id=796